Te Ara Moana
Indigenous youth leadership summit


Whanau Learning and Support

Te Ara Moana the inaugural indigenous youth leadership summit provides quality youth development opportunities for the next gen of leaders tasked with navigating an uncertain future in a global community. 

Te Ara Moana acknowledges and celebrates indigenous ways of knowing and being to empower and enable future leaders. 

This year Mad Ave continues to partner with local whanau and ECE providers across the community, enabling smooth transition and support necessary to ensure our tamariki get the best start in life.
Lift your community practise by tapping into your own creative powers!

This wananga series will be an inspiring concoction of indigenous wisdom, global innovation and open hearted generosity.

Join Tamati Patuwai and guests for an exploration of techniques that can catalyse change in even the most difficult community conversations.

Mad Ave Community Trust